Sara Roffino – Art + Auction

Sara Roffino

Sara Roffino – Art + Auction

12 September 2016
Sara Roffino in this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast:

We speak with Sara Roffino, senior editor at Art + Auction magazine. Initially we discuss her latest article, the 25 Most Collectible Conceptual Artists. Sara clarifies for us the definition of conceptual art. Additionally, Sara speculates about why it’s so difficult for collectors to collect and embrace conceptual art, compared to other artistic movements.  Next, Sara identifies a few of the most well-known artists on her list. Furthermore, she also identifies some of the less familiar artists in her article.  Sara reveals to what extent conceptual artists have recently appeared at auction. As well as why they appear in museum shows and in galleries.

Nate Freeman – ARTnews

28 June 2016
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast we speak with Nate Freeman.

Nate Freeman is senior staff writer at ARTnews. He joins us to discuss how Brexit may impact the art market and to recap Art Basel.

First, Nate shares his thoughts on the extent Brexit may influence the art market in both the short-term and long-term. Then, Nate relays his interactions with several mega-galleries at Art Basel regarding the mood of the art market and how the fair went for them. Also, he identifies some of the most talked about artworks at this year’s fair. Lastly, Nate touches on the presence of 8-figure artworks at Art Basel, the size of this year’s crowd and if younger artists were prominently featured at the fair.

Simon de Pury

Simon de Pury

16 June 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Simon de Pury.

Simon de Pury is a London-based art dealer and art adviser.  He is author of the new book The Auctioneer: Adventures in the Art Trade.  He has been both the former Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe and the former owner and co-founder of Phillips de Pury.

First, Simon tells us about his new book and what inspired him to write it at this time. Then, he reflects on the time just before he left Sotheby’s. He tells us what prompted him to leave to ultimately establish Phillips de Pury. Also, Simon reveals some of the advantages of Phillips de Pury being a smaller auction house in relation to Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Further, he gives his impressions on the development of the online art market and where he sees it heading in the future. Lastly, Simon identifies some exciting contemporary art scenes across the world, shares what he believes to be the mood of the contemporary art market at this moment and offers important advice to emerging art collectors.

Robert Manley

Robert Manley

16 June 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Robert Manley, formerly the deputy chairman of post-war and contemporary art at Christie’s.

Robert will soon be joining Phillips auction house in a similar capacity and joins us to speak about his experiences participating in our ArtTactic Forecaster competition.

ArtTactic Forecaster participants forecast prices of artworks upcoming at auction.  Robert has given 2,650 predictions in the ArtTactic Forecaster game since May 2014.  He recently won the 2015-2016 Expert League season championship. First, Robert shares what initially drew him to ArtTactic Forecaster and what motivated him to leave so many forecasts.

Then, Robert explains why giving forecasts then having the opportunity to review and analyse his performance improved his forecasting accuracy. Also, he reveals what he has learned about his forecasting abilities that has surprised him. Additionally, Robert offers some free advice on leaving accurate forecasts. In particular he emphasises the importance of the low estimate figure. Lastly, Robert shares his commentary on the May contemporary sales; as well as the state of the overall contemporary art market.

Jori Finkel – The Art Newspaper

16 March 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Jori Finkel, Los Angeles correspondent for The Art Newspaper

Jori Finkel is a regular contributor to the New York Times.  Jori joins us to to chat about the buzzing art scene in LA. First, we discuss the trend of galleries expanding into Los Angeles; to protect their west-coast based artists from joining local galleries or to scoop up LA artists without representation at home.  Then, Jori explains why despite the increasing presence of artists and galleries in LA, the collector base in the area has not grown significantly. Also, she reveals how impactful the new Broad Museum has been on the LA art scene. Lastly, Jori compares the Los Angeles art market with New York City’s.

Patrick van Maris

Patrick van Maris – TEFAF

4 March 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Patrick van Maris, CEO of The European Fine Art Fair

The European Fine Art Fair is better known as TEFAF.  Patrick joins us to talk about their expansion into New York as well as their upcoming Maastricht fair from March 11th to March 20th.  First, Patrick shares with us more details about the fair’s upcoming launch in New York City.  He shares with us the motivation behind bringing TEFAF to America at this time.  Patrick gives an insight to listeners of the podcast on how TEFAF differentiates itself from the rest of the art fairs that occur in New York City. Also, he previews the Maastricht fair. In particular, he identifies a few of the notable works of art that will be at this year’s edition. Lastly, Patrick shares his thoughts on the state of the art market and why he believes we are in the midst of a market correction.

Anny Shaw – The Art Newspaper

18 February 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Anny Shaw, UK correspondent and art market reporter for The Art Newspaper

Anny Shaw joins us to recap last week’s post-war and contemporary auctions in London. First, Anny breaks down the sales by the numbers and identifies some of the trends across the auction houses. While there seemed to be varying opinions on the strength of the sales and what they mean for the state of the art market moving forward, Anny shares with us what the mood was like amongst market participants in the sales rooms following each of the auctions. Then, she explains why the middle market may be an area which the auction houses focus on moving forward. Also, Anny picks out what kinds of artists and aesthetic styles performed favourably or were ignored by bidders during the sales. Lastly, Anny discusses the substantial drop off in auction guarantees this season.

Katya Kazakina

Katya Kazakina – Bloomberg News

28 December 2015
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we recap the top stories and trends in the art market from 2015 with Katya Kazakina.

Katya Kazakina, art market reporter for Bloomberg News, shares her two top stories of the year.  She discusses the increased competition between the three major auction houses. She also addresses the rise of private museums established by top collectors around the world.

Katya identifies a diverse group of artists who she believes had the best 2015s.  These include Frank Stella, Lucio Fontana and Kazuo Shiraga. Furthermore, she speculates on what will happen in 2016 to the generation of emerging, younger artists who paint in an abstract, Zombie Formalism style.

Katya explains to what extent the online art market matured as an industry over the past year. Finally, Katya describes the current sentiment of the art market as we enter 2016.

Kelly Crow

Kelly Crow – The Wall Street Journal

13 December 2015
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Kelly Crow, joins us.

Kelly Crow is art market reporter for The Wall Street Journal. She joins us to share her insights and observations from Art Basel Miami Beach.  First, Kelly discusses the recent softening at the top end of the art market. This she notes to be in conjunction with the strengthening lower and middle price points of the market. Also, in light of the increasing popularity and volume of art fairs, Kelly explains how galleries are altering their approaches in terms of what type of art to bring to these fairs. Then, she highlights some of the prominent collectors in Miami, such as the Rubells, who annually open up their private museums to the art world during Art Basel Miami and to what extent these collectors’ influence have grown recently. Lastly, Kelly highlights a few of the exciting, younger artists who exhibited at the fairs in Miami.

Angus Haldane

Angus Haldane – Haldane Fine Art

9 December 2015
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Angus Haldane, joins us to talk about the Old Masters market

Angus Haldane, director of Haldane Fine Art, speaks to us in light of major Old Masters auctions this week at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams. First, Angus reveals why his expectations are somewhat tempered for the sales this week. Equally he reveals what is the overall sentiment of the Old Masters market at this moment.

Meanwhile, Angus reflects on the average age of an Old Masters collector being greater than Impressionist and Contemporary collectors. He shares with us what tactics he employs to try to sway younger collectors to embrace Old Masters art. Lastly, the geographic growth of the art market continues.  In light of this, Angus tells us to what extent he has witnessed an expansion of the collector base for Old Masters artworks.