Stephen Tanenbaum – UGallery

Stephen Tanenbaum
28th March 2016
Stephen Tanenbaum
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we talk to Stephen Tanenbaum.

Stephen Tanenbaum is co-founder and CEO of UGallery.

UGallery is an art e-commerce platform that connects artists directly with collectors which launched in 2006, as one of the first art e-commerce websites.   Stephen first describes the online art market in 2006 and why he was compelled to be one of the first businesses to enter into it. Then, Stephen compares the online art market in 2006 to the online art market today. Also, he walks us through the experience of an artist getting his/her artwork on their platform and a collector buying art from the site. Additionally, Stephen talks with us about the types of both artists and collectors they are attracting to UGallery. Lastly, Stephen shares his thoughts on if the art market can handle this many online businesses or if a bubble has developed in this space.