Christopher Bedford – The Rose Art Museum

Christopher Bedford
3rd February 2016
Christopher Bedford
The Rose Art Museum
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Christopher Bedford, director of The Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University.

Christopher Bedford updates us on some of the recent activities at the museum. Chris shares how he has lead the museum past some of the negative publicity garnered in 2009. At that difficult time Brandeis announced it  would close the museum and sell its permanent collection to curtail losses.  This policy associated with the global financial crisis, was never implemented.

Then, he details the incredible story of the museum’s first director, Sam Hunter. How the original director,  developed an incredible contemporary art collection for the museum in the 1960’s on a limited budget. Also, Chris tells us how collectors today can learn from Sam Hunter’s approach to building the museum’s collection for their own private art collections.

Further, Chris reveals the importance of balance. Chris explains how he balances exhibiting. This means balancing works from the museum’s permanent collection versus organising exhibitions featuring art from outside the museum’s collection.

Lastly, Chris explains why he has focused so much on strengthening the relationship between museum and student body at Brandeis University.